What is craft activism?


Knitting has started as a important form of Feminist activism as far as I heard. But, I don’t know what exactly it means. So, got started to study on the activism of the crafts or, Craftivism.

Craft activism is, according to Elizabeth Garber (2013: 55) ,

as much DIY, can be understood both as an occupation and a way of life that involves participatory or substantive democracy (Macpherson, 1962, 1973; Torres, 1998; Garber, 2005) in which socially equal and reflective individuals contribute to building “a sense of community, of association, of neighboring and joining” (Torres, pp. 146-147). Craft activism engages participatory making where democratic processes are valued. Craft activism occupies spaces within individuals’ lives, but moreover in local communities, engaging a “human microphone” of makers and viewers directly in participatory democracy. For activist crafters, such making is a way of life, a way of voicing and participating, of expressing, and of raging that reaches a public directly, sometimes drawing them in.

This can also be said that Craft activism seeks to create the Free Spaces that are being able to connect the individuals with the public.  The Spaces which not merely resist being controlled and sentimentalized by material and normative power but can create the public sphere consisted of both the deliberative democracy with parole and non-verbal expression of human being, creatures, and things.


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